Resources for 10.30am services 29th March

Below you will find resources and links to the following:

An Adult 10.30am Morning Worship service
Resources for the 3-10's Explosive online
Resources for Rooted Online (11-12)
Resources for RiSE online (12+)

After a short time of worshiping together there is a list of MENU OPTIONS. If you click on the section you want it will take you straight to that service. At the end of each section, click on RETURN TO MENU OPTIONS and it will take you back to the list of options. Schimples....

While we do many of these things at the same time when we normally gather, that may present your family with a challenge at home!
Please look through the resources and decide how you can best use them throughout the day. The younger childrens resources are designed to be done as a family, so you will need to factor this in.
Many have told us how special it has been to worship together as a family. Please continue to do so! For others, going into different rooms with different devices might work better. Only you will know....
Whatever you choose to do, worship well, focus on God and give him praise! Let us know what worked for you and we will adapt as best we can in future weeks.

Gather to worship
(Please say this together , whoever is in your house)
Father God you are our awsome creator God.
Lord Jesus, you are our King, our brother and our friend.
Holy Spirit, you are our guide, our comforter and you walk beside us.
We come together, in separate houses, but together in worship, to praise your name, to hear your Word and to offer you our prayers.
We love you, knowing full well that you loved us first!

We say sorry to God
(We praise God in the knowledge that we will have things that we know we have to say sorry to God for. Take a moment to think about this past week. The say the foolwing prayer of confession...)

Lord God, we have done things that you taught us not to do.
ALL : we are sorry.

We have not done the things that you taught us that we should do.
ALL: we are sorry.

May the Father of all mercies cleanse us from our sins, and restore us in his image to the praise and glory of his name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Sung Worship Together

Click here
to watch Laura lead us in singing Faithful One  and All who are thirsty.

Now you have a choice!

Adult Service
Explosive (3-10)

Rooted (11-12)
RiSE (12-17)

Sermon : Steve Bishop on John 15:18-16:15 Ministry: Advocacy
(Steve has provided both the script of his sermon that you find below and a recording of that sermon. Please choose which option you would like to follow.)

Reading: John 15:18-16:15 (please read this passage in your bible; then…).

Click here for Sermon recording


Read Text on 9am service page.

(Cathy Kalanzi has prepared these intercessions for us; please read them out loud).

Holy Spirit you are welcome in our lives.  We thank you for this opportunity to praise and worship you online.  We will praise the Lord no matter what happens.  May You reign in our hearts forever. 
Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray for our church leaders and thank you for all they are doing to reach us during Lockdown.
Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray for our children
We pray for our children as they are stuck indoors, bored and confused. May they be patient and obedient.  May those who must carry on with their schoolwork be diligent and do it.  Protect them from this deadly virus. 
Lord in your mercy

We pray for our government
Heavenly Father we pray for Boris Johnson our Prime Minister, we pray for a speedy recovery.  Give him extra strength and wisdom as he leads us through this Coronavirus pandemic.  We pray for the government at large and thank You for all that they are trying to do for the people of UK to ease the pain. 
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray for all world leaders, bless them with divine wisdom as they govern Your people.  Equip them with the necessary resources as they battle with this pandemic.  We pray for Africa which has very poor health systems. The sick in Africa will only be healed by Your divine intervenience, our Jehovah Rapha. 
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Jehovah Jireh we ask you to provide for Your people around the world.  Many  people live hand to mouth, with no benefit system to help them out.  Very few governments can afford stimulus packages and for that reason most people are likely to die from hunger than the virus.  Protect all those in war torn areas from this pandemic.
Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray for the poor and the homeless among us.  As churches have closed the number of homeless people served by Night Watch has gone up.  May the supply of food always be enough.  Protect the Night Watch volunteers and the homeless from the virus.
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray for all the key workers and frontliners who keep things going.  Thank You for the good work they are doing, and we ask You to give them an abundance of strength, wisdom and protection.  Protect their loved ones as they treat our loved ones. Lord in Your Mercy
We also pray for those struggling with being indoors because of Lockdown, give them patience to know that this is for their own good.  Heal the sick among us.

Merciful Father accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Take a moment to think about what Steve has shared with us. A reminder of the glory of God. The presence of the advocate who walks with us and speaks for us. For the ways in which we could advocate for others in word or deed.

Maybe open your hands to receive. Ask the Holy Spirit to come. Receive his wisdom, his words, his comfort, his gifts to help others.

Maybe hold your hands out and bring to mind others who need to know that they have someone advocating for them, walking with them, speaking up for them. Pray over them. Name them. Pray in Jesus' powerful name.

(Play the following songs of worship. Sing out or keep praying and ministering. The choice is yours.)

Raise a Halleluja

Yesterday, today and forever

 Living Hope

O Praise the name (Anastasis)



There are 5 sections:  Worship, story, teaching, prayer & activities
Join in with the actions!  If you forget, just make them up!
Actions: Get ready to wave your hands and to jump! (click on the title of the song to go to the YouTube video; you will need to hit the left arrow in the top left of the browser to return here)

Every move I make: 
Actions:  Marching!

King of me: 
Today’s story is taken from John 12: 1-11.  Either read the passage or click here to watch a clip.


Click here for today’s teaching;  when you see the orange ‘PAUSE’ sign, please pause the clip and chat with those around you!
We were created to chat and catch from God - spend some time now praying - click the audio clip and get yourselves comfy!  For little ones that struggle, encourage them to whisper the questions into their hands.

Click here for audio clip for prayers.

Sweetie ’Thank you!’  
You will need: One sweetie or chocolate per person.  Ask permission first - NB:  Food allergies!

Instructions:  Everyone place a sweetie or chocolate into own mouth.  Do not chew!  As the sweetie or chocolate melts, try to think of as many things as you can to say thanks to God for! Can you keep going until the sweetie or chocolate has disappeared?
Amazing glasses!  

You will need:  a printer, card, glue stick, scissors and pens.

Instructions:  Choose and print a pair of glasses of your choice.  Cut out and decorate.  Ask and adult to help you cut!
Click here for your choice of glasses.


ROOTED (11-12)
Hi lovely Rooted people, we miss seeing you but have been praying for you and your families as you get use to your new routines and doing school from home. We look forward to a time when we can meet up again, but we can still be connected through God this morning as we think about unlikely heroes and the story of Josiah. 

Watch this video link which tells the story of Josiah

You can also read the story from the bible:

2 Kings
Chapter 22 verses 1-20
Chapter 23: verses 1-3 and  21-25

Josiah was a very young boy, eight years old when he became king, it was unusual as both Josiah’s father and grandfather were corrupt kings, they didn’t follow God and led the people into idol worship. Even at a young age Josiah did what was pleasing to God no matter what other people thought.

Talk to your family about the following questions or if okay with your parents/carers message or call your friends from Rooted and discuss the following questions

What do you think about King Josiah? What did he do that was good?

How did Josiah clean up the land?

How can Josiah be an example to you?

How much do you think God considers someone’s age when he calls them to follow him and do his work?

Why might it be important to follow God with both our heart and mind?

What do you worship and put before God?

How could God use you to make a difference to others and the world particularly at this difficult time?

If okay with your parents/carers build a tower or a construction out of recycling materials, each piece of recycling represents something you worship and put before God. Then using a ball or cushion knock the construction down.
Things to ponder

How did it feel to destroy the symbols of the things you worship and put before God?
Take a moment to quietly talk to God, tell God what you are sorry for.
God loves us and forgives us even when we do things that aren’t pleasing to him.

Thank you that you love us and forgive us. Help us to be like King Josiah, following you with our whole heart and mind. Even at this difficult time with social distancing and staying indoors show us how we can serve you and make a difference to others.
Father we bring before you those that we know that are unwell and ask that you would restore them to God health. We pray for our nurses and NHS staff and ask for your protection over them, we pray that you will give them strength and wisdom at this time. We pray for our friends and family that you will keep them safe.
In Jesus name we pray


RiSE (12-17)

Good morning all, hope you are well. Gods' blessing be with you and your families. Let us start with a prayer.

Opening Prayer
I pray today that the Shalom peace of the Almighty God (El Shaddai) will cover you and your family.
I pray that every anxious and fearful thought will be removed in the name of Jesus.
May God reassure you of His love and remind you that you are a child of God and no longer a slave to fear.
In these times of uncertainty, let us hold on to this truth; that His plans for you are still good, to prosper you and give you a future and a hope.

to hear the prayer click on opening prayer

Opening Worship Songs
No longer slaves

Fear is a liar

God is still in control and has a plan for you

Bible Reading
Click on the link to listen to the story of Gideon (Judges 6)

Throughout his entire story, Gideon demonstrated fear, anxiety and doubt. He constantly tested God by asking him to perform signs. First, he had God consume an offering of food he presented to the angel.  Next, he petitioned God to send morning dew only on a piece of fleece he laid out (Judges 6:37-38). Finally, just for good measure, he lay out the fleece again but asked for the exact opposite to happen!

Gideon was afraid, but when he finally put his trust in God and obeyed, the Israelites were freed from seven years of oppression. There will always be moments in life when we are worried to give ourselves over to God, but the truth is we can trust him with our tomorrows. Obedience does not require us to be fearless, it only asks that we have the faith to follow God in difficult times.
The Christian writer Corrie ten Boom said it best when she wrote, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

Things to do after listening to the verse (try and listen to is a couple of times):

  • Ask God what He wants from you during these times?
  • If God is speaking to you and you have doubts, ask Him for a sign or confirmation.
  • Ask God now for the faith to follow Him in these difficult times
  • Share this story with your family.
To listen to all of the above please click here 

What a beautiful name

Power in the name of Jesus

Closing Prayer and Words of Affirmation
Please declare these words of affirmation and truth. Even if you cannot identify with any them, speak them and Christs' love will manifest in your life.

Jesus you are my Lord and saviour.
Jesus promises never to abandon me and will be with me till the end of this age.
Jesus has loved me from when I was in my mother’s womb
Jesus loves me now, just as I am
Jesus still has a plan for me that will prosper me even in these uncertain times
Jesus is reaching out to me now
Jesus will watch over me, my family and all my friends
Jesus you understand me and know me better than anybody else.
Jesus reveal your love to me and let me know you are near
Jesus you will walk with me through all my difficulties and trials
Jesus you are my shield, my rock, my fortress and my friend.

Closing Prayer
Jesus protect me by the power of Your name, so that I may be one with you as you are one with the Father. Amen!

To hear the closing prayer and words of affirmation, please click here.