APCM 2Annual Parochial Church Meeting
Sunday 23rd April 2023 at 10.15am

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) will be on 23rd April.  This is an opportunity to review the last year, look forward to the years to come , to celebrate and to build hope for the future. To ask questions, make suggestions and ….to hold elections!!! (or not, depending on how exciting you find the next paragraph…..)

There are several PCC posts that we need to fill. Its an exciting time to join as we develop a post lockdown Mission Action Plan, consider what we might do to refurbish the church building and seek to go out and put our evangelism strategy and other plans into place, to grow our family ministry and to those of riper years alike, to become more diverse and to improve our ecological position; in short,  to…Make Passionate Disciples for Christ.

If you think that God may be calling you to serve on PCC then please contact me for a chat about what is involved. Vicar@christchurchpurley.org.uk

APCM (2)             APCM (1)
Christ Church Electoral Roll


If you wish to go on the Christ Church electoral roll to be able to vote at the annual meeting and/or join PCC then the electoral roll form can be found here. 
All forms must be completed by 5th April.
The roll will then be closed until after the APCM






Christ Church Mission Partner      Christ Church Mission Partner    Christ Church Mission Partner
All the forms for the APCM can be found on the events calendar on MyChurchSuite.
These are all in the ChurchSuite events. 

All forms for Church warden, PCC and Deanery Synod vacancies can also be found here.

This will allow you to be nominated or propose/ second people in a safe secure method from their homes.

All forms have been split into three parts but contain exactly the same information as the original paper forms.
Part a nomination
Part b proposer
Part c seconder

Three people will need to separately complete a section to complete the nomination process.

If you are a proposer or seconder you will need to include both your name AND the person nominated so that the forms can be linked together.

On the nomination form you will need to include your name and the names of the Proposer and Seconder.

Any questions please email office@christchurchpurley.org.uk or call 07395 133 640