In their shoes - loss@lockdown
workshop and support groups 

Enabling parents, carers and individuals to support children and young people experiencing loss, bereavement and grief.

Each and every one of our children and young people are experiencing loss at this time; loss of schooling, loss of exams, loss of socialising and loss of 'normal life;' some have even experienced bereavement of loved ones.  We are not professionals, but we can all support children and Young people using the techniques described.

Based upon the excellent work of Will Taylor, children's counsellor, mentor and coach, 'In their shoes' is a two-part workshop provided by Christ Church, Purley for all those who have children or young people in their lives. (  
Please note:  this is not intended to replace professional support, please seek guidance from a medical advisor if you feel that this would be beneficial.

Part 1 - Teaching session

Grab a coffee, note book and pen as you join us for this teaching session.  Alternatively, print the note page here.
Please watch this teaching BEFORE attending a support group. 
Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 16.40

Part 2 - Support group

We are offering support group sessions for adults in order to equip, support and discuss any questions, thoughts or concerns that you may have.  

We have a range of sessions available so as to enable all to access a suitable time and date.  It is intended that you attend ONE session - not all of them! The sessions are on a first come, first served basis as each group is limited to 6 participants.  

Please email the office for the latest timetable and/or to book your Zoom session. Email: 


Jude Barber, 30/04/2020