Shaping worship that is pleasing to God 

Shaping worship that is pleasi

From 16th January 2022 we will be following a sermon series Shaping worship that is pleasing to God 
How often might we ask “How was the service?”

Our answer will usually be “good sermon”, “love the sung worship” or “intercessions were very powerful” or even “preacher went on a bit long”….(surely not!)

We can give our opinion about what worked for us.

Francis Chan in Letters to the Church would suggest that we are asking the wrong question. The key question is “Did it please God?”

Worship is an offering to an audience of one and we all bring something to give to him and to serve one another.

Using the elements of the Holy Communion service (i.e. the one with the most bits!) we will be exploring the shape of worship (which is the technical meaning of the word liturgy) and how we can shape our worship to be as pleasing to God as we can.

Running from now until Pentecost we will be seeking his honour and pleasure through our sacrifice of praise and that he sends us out in the power of his Spirit to live and work for his praise and glory.


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